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Canal Farm Holiday Cottages - 15 years old!

Posted 23.06.2015

We welcomed our first guests to Canal Farm on 23rd June 2000, and over the 15 years

 have met so many  lovely people from the UK and the rest of the world!  There have

 certainly been some interesting times along the way - soon after we opened there was the

 terrible outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease.  Although we were thankfully not directly

 affected people avoided staying on farms for a while.  Then there was the flood of June 2007,

much to the amusement of guests we had to ferry them and their luggage  through the

water by tractor and trailer - the cottages were safe, but the roadway flooded with several

feet of canal! 

In February 2009 we had the Conisholme UFO mystery - There was great speculation

 in local and national media as to what had caused the damage to one of the wind turbines

close to Canal Farm.  Was it caused by UFO's?  Strange balls of light had been seen in the

 sky at the time!  One of our guests arriving at the time was excited to find out she was

staying close to the 'famous' turbine!